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Grammar and word use.
    "I enjoying muffin."  "I fascinated. I like canoe."    I find it amazing to watch language skills develop.  It is interesting that he can bust out words like fascinated, enjoying, and even Narwhal but hasn't used the contraction " I'm " yet and is only occasionally using plural.  The first quote was breakfast yesterday (I baked fresh peach muffins Sunday night) and the second quote was at REI while shopping.  He is also very excited to go shopping as apparently the grocery store is an amazing place...  LOL

Random thought of the weekend:
   We were watching a Mythbusters episode Sunday on Hollywood bullet myths....  If the Lone Ranger shot silver bullets does that mean he was tracking werewolves in the old west?  Or since they consistently fired off to the right of true aim, was he compensating for a traumatic head injury/eye damage from the original attack that almost killed him and made him the Lone Ranger?  Apparently I think along two tracks: Smart-alec-y or Scientific.

  I have to pick up paint (probably Thurs) to paint the boy's new room this Friday.  Munchkin will be at day care Friday and I have the whole day off.  I'm very excited that we're finally at the paint and put stuff in it stage for his big boy room.  It takes a while for us to get any house projects done, just because we usually have so much else going on.  And really if the choice is fix the mudding on the ceiling or play cars with the two year old; wouldn't you play cars too?  


bed time giggles...

Last night in the bubble bath  "Uff-da momma!", after almost slipping.  Not only knows how to say it, but the proper context as well.  That's my boy!  Course we also have to say good-night to everything.  Literally "goodnight faucet, good night squishy blocks".  Kitty's must be petted good night, and we need multiple hugs and kisses from mom and dad after the story.  


Plague Pit!

  After a week of everyone being sick, I thought we were done with this.  Nope, now argentlupin is sick again...  I hate the feeling of living in a plague pit.

Daylight stupid time....

I really dislike how daylight-stupid time makes my entire household feel jet-lagged.  (even the cats are grumpy and off schedule)  If I'm going to feel like this I should at least have gotten to go on a trip somewhere.  <sigh>  Hopefully Viktor will be more cooperative this morning as he starts to get more into routine an hour earlier.  Yesterday was hard, and really I'm not sure why it's still done.  Where in our modern society do we actually rely on natural light anymore?  Do any buildings (offices, schools, factories even) have the giant wall of windows to let light in anymore?  Elementary schools did when I was a child, but that's a thing of the past as it is not considered "energy-efficient".  Yes, I know from a strictly energy conservation view point it's not efficient, but I do wonder if it isn't a better learning environment......(that, however, is a debate for another subject heading).  I guess my daycare uses it to some extent as they have giant walls of windows in all the rooms.  Oh well, off to play with dirt at work again today.  Who ever thought making mud pies would turn out to be useful scientific skills?!  

have fun,
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Parenting and String.

   I've come to the conclusion that at this stage of the game, a lot of parenting involves saying things (with a straight face and meaning them) that you never thought would need to be a sentence.  This weekend's example:
        "Stop stabbing yourself in the arm with your fork and eat your dinner."
I now fully understand how by the time I was a teenager my parents could say anything with a straight face....

Word of the Day:  Yesterdays' word of the day was Ocean.  I think it goes nicely with last weeks words of Narwhal and Cuddlefish.  We were trying for jellyfish, but that one's going to take a little longer.

  Saturday evening I checked out the grand opening of Wool Over Your Eyes.  It is a beautiful new yarn shop in downtown Greenville.   I happily spent my b-day money from my parents there, and came home with supplies for 3 new projects.  Oh, I could have spent tons more....  It is a very happy place I'd like to see stay in business.  They will be getting my patronage for all my fuzzy woolen yarn goodness in the future.  They have other fibers that I'll be trying out too, I'm just really in a wool mood.  They have the set of Addies interchangeable circulars that I'm just in love with, which I put on my x-mas list with the hubby.  They don't stock spinning supplies, but are dealers for Kromski and Ashford and carry their rigid heddle looms in stock.  The owner also said she'd happily order spinning supplies but since she knows nothing about that craft we'd need to know exactly what we wanted.   All in all I'm happy, and scoping yarn/string for future presents for my mum.  

have fun,
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B-day feast

       Baronial B-day feast went well.  I'd have to check with others to find out how the actual event went.  Quoting someone I hugged at the end of the event "I haven't seen you at all today.  You were in the kitchen the whole time."   Why yes I was, and I had a great time.   Everything came out scrumptious and looked great (I blame our fearless leader elizaravenhair, since she was in charge of this feast).
       Being at Baronial b-day made me think of this weeks projects.  Here's the list so I don't forget:
1)Finish plotting Feast of rapier tourney w/ mrspix
2)Plot and schedule Feast of A&S comp.
3)Make new apron (totally non-SCA.  Just need a new one for kitchen)
4)Figure out/plan new garb for feast of for argentlupin, myself and munchkin boy.
I know that the list seems small, but it's what I feel I can accomplish between work, quality munchkin time in the evenings, household chores (Die Evil Laundry Hydra!), etc....  Oops forgot one.
5)Test latest version of Zumba and report to LAF for potential Zumba-party upgrade (at some point). I must do this before weekly Zumba party on Wed.

Munchkin word of the day for Sunday:  Cuddle-Fish.  We were watching Blue Planet on the science channel, and he was fascinated by the cuddle-fish.  Yeah, he's at the stage where he's picking up one new word a day on average, so there will be a word of the day in my posts now.  

Have fun, 
make stuff
I'm off to do science,


    I'm not really sure how it happened but I seem to have taken almost 4 months off from posting to LJ.  I think my last actual post was at the end of October.... I think it was a mix of any number of things.  So here's the quick update for any who care.
        National Audit at work - We passed with flying colors!  (well, duh, really.  Our national certification board sends in writing what they expect of a lab.  It's easy to do your paperwork right from the beginning if you know what you're supposed to do.)  
        New computer system at work - Patience still required.  We will work all the software bugs out!  (some days I'd like to use a hammer..)  Thank goodness it's a gradual transfer of a few clients at a time.
        The child - Grown sooooo much!  He has so many words now.  It's almost one a day.  Unfortunately yesterday's word of the day was accidently taught by mommy.  "crap".   Oh, and the fluffy kitty is named "dumb" not Firefly.  Oops.  I guess I need to work on what I say around the munchkin.  
        Projects -  Yeah, I feel really behind on those.  I know it's only February, but I just feel like I accomplish so little lately.  That's an area to improve on.  Today's project is to do my fair share helping with feast.  Have rolling pin will travel!  (I wonder if I could get a t-shirt that says "not your average kitchen minion"?)
       Flying (aka trip to Nebraska last month) - If I must have an obscenely short layover in an airport my choices are Denver or Chicago O'hare.  We can traverse one end to the other (literally, it was A to F gates) in O'hare in 10 min with kid and carry-on bags.  Oh and Munchkin boy giggled all the way through takeoff and landing in the turbo-prop one-by-one puddle jumper from Denver to Scottsbluff.  The hubby looked a little ill with turbulance, but the boy and I just grinned.  SO my child!

Have fun,
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   It's been a while since I posted.  I have a lot running through my head after a busy day at work.  So I thought I'd post a few random bits from the last couple of weeks.  The subject matter jumps around a lot. 
    Weeble - a small egg shaped toy that is often used as a weighted hammer, currently pronounced "whee-el" by the little man. 
    Seasonal beers have changed over again.  I picked up the Sierra Nevada Porter.  It's good, but I think it's not yet cold enough here for me to get the most out of the flavor.  I don't expect it to last long enough in my fridge for the weather to cool sufficiently.  Perhaps I'll get an unchilled 6 pack, and wait until we get a solid drop of another 10-15 degrees to try it again.  I wonder if I'm particularly beer-climate sensitive, or if it's just something I don't hear lots of others talk about.
    Halloween has come and gone (must get decorations taken down and put away... Tangent thought: Must find/make/aquire by nefarious methods Thanksgiving Decorations).   The little man made it to all of 5 houses for trick-or-treating this year.  I think he did really well.   He was a Mad Scientist (for those of you gamer-geeks he was specifically Dr. A. Arkham, and had a proper Arkham Care insignia above his name on his nice white lab coat).  Yes, I did make a proper small child sized lab coat.  The party was a sucess again this year.  A bit smaller of a crowd, but I know folks had plans.  And I wasn't sure who was into the theme of DC comics and who wasn't.  argentlupin laughed at me when I worried about the folks who didn't respond to the e-vite at all (we upgraded the computer and I was afraid I'd entered wrong addresses, or ones not used often, etc), because all our friends are busy and get their weekends booked up quickly.  
     Kudo's to elizaravenhair and ladypyrate on a job well done.  This is the conversation at work "I noticed your hair is darker, did you........"  "yeah, I did it last friday night"  "So did you go back to your natural color?"  "No actually the honey-blond is my natural color, this is the first time I've colored it"  "Wow!  It looks really natural, it's not a flat color, but has different shades to it.  You look really good."   "Thanks"
     I feel woefully behind on projects.  I mean; I got argentlupin's, Viktor's, and my costumes done in time (despite the alteration to mine due to british corset not arriving unitll today... Sigh, apologies for violation of the "nooooo Capes!" rule).  I just somehow feel like I haven't been creating  much lately.  (Oh for those of you curious, argentlupin was Green Arrow, and I was WWII Wonder Woman).   
     Speaking of Halloween themes, for those of you in the area, 2012 is SciFi (no steam punk allowed, since we've already done that.... Sorry to the HG Wells and Jules Vern fans.  If you must go from that erra, I reccommend the John Carter of Mars seires).  Yes, I'm posting even for those of you who couldn't make it this year, in hopes you'll be able to attend in the future... 
     FYI (in the I think I violated Rule One* again file):  If you accidently chloroform your finger on Thursday, it will be so dried out on Friday that spilling even a very low grade acid on it will cause a burn (yes I washed it off right away but still.....).
    I'm also feeling like I've not been acomplishing much on the home improvement front.  Perhaps this weekend I'll do something other than chase the kid around and relax.
    At work I did the monthly maintenance on my auto analyzer..... Oh how I love that machine!  It works beautifully under whatever conditions, and when it's had a good cleaning and maintenance it's WOW!!!   I was at work less than 1/2 an hour and had a clean water blank and was running on it.  I don't know who designed it, but they are/were brilliant.  

That's life.  Off to have a beer and maybe knit some.
Have fun,
make stuff,
* Rule 1 = Don't be stupid.

We do buy our child real toys...

..... Though some days I wonder why.  Yesterday he really really wanted to play with a spatula and my glasses case.  He refused actual toys to beg for the spatula.  And yeah, I gave it to him.  He played with my glasses case all the way home from trader joes (had to get coffee) last night.  Actually pushed aside real toys for the silly thing.  We also have to hide the vaccume from him, as he thinks it is THE BEST THING EVER!tm  I wonder if that facination will last until he is actually big enough to vaccume the floors.....  Hmmm, I'm probably not that lucky. 
have fun
make stuff


     Dear retailers/manufactures, 
It is fall.  That is Boot season.  Since god awful F-ing hideous, who invented these skinny jeans are back in fashion, I expect a lovely selection of knee high boots available to us.  We would like more color options than Black and Brown.  Seriously, Red would be nice.  Why did you make the toes so stupid pointy!  And extra long pointy at that.  This "a super pointy toe elongates the leg line" is BS!!  It just makes us look like we're prepping for a stupid elf costume, or wearing water skis!  And pinches our toes, and makes us buy boots that are a size too big.... UGH!  All I'm asking is a 2 - 5 inch heel, Red, and not fuggly.  It's not like I said emerald green, or bright yellow, or barbie pink.... Red is one of the basic 4 (black, brown, red and navy).  Hmmm, come to think of it, no navy blues either... Sad really sad....
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